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This is the readings page, its where I tell you about my psychic readings, tarot readings and rune readings and where you can order the readings....I guess that’s why I’ve called it the readings page, this is simple isn’t it J.

Talking of simple, that’s how I like things. Some people are a bit daunted the first time they order a reading from a psychic, and many psychics do like to make it complicated when it comes to ordering a reading, it gives the impression that they are the mystical all knowing ones with their mystical psychic love cards, their secret ritual psychic scrying  and tarot cards readings with cards that have secret meanings only they know....well like I said I prefer to keep it simple so I offer three types of readings, tarot readings, pure psychic readings and psychic rune readings. For each of the readings you ask three questions, I have found three questions is ideal, you can cover most things you want to know and at the same time you’re not struggling to come up with more questions just to fill the form in and paying for extra questions the answer to which you’re not really interested in, and whilst we are on the subject I have priced all my readings the same, £17.50 after all you would expect the same level of information from each reading, there all three question readings so why like some psychic readers should they be the different prices? So there we have it, three types of reading and one price, you just now need to decide which type of reading ......I know, I said I like simple but then I give you choices !!!.....don’t worry I will explain them.

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About tarot card readings. 

There is no real mystery to these cards, they are a tool, or perhaps a conduit and they tell a story that the tarot reader has to interpret in relation to the questions you have asked. There are many different decks of cards available but I use a traditional deck given to me by my aunt, I know that sounds a bit corny but it’s true. I have found over the years that Tarot card readings can provide very accurate detail, some people think it’s as simple as getting a book of tarot card meanings and reading  what each card that comes up means, but to get a true meaning you have to look at the whole picture and see the whole story, I don’t think of each card as having a specific “meaning”, I feel this changes depending on the overall view, the question asked , its relationship with the other cards in your unique “story” , and the messages past to me by my guides as I read the cards...plus of course the many years of practice have put into understanding the great subtleties that are there within the cards.

So in a nutshell I use my link with spirit and in particular with my guides to help me interpret the messages in the cards in relation to you questions and give you answers.

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About psychic rune readings.

Here I use the rune stones instead of the tarot cards to assist me in my readings, I say assist as that what they are there for. As with the tarot card readings I don’t just look at the stones and say “this stone in this position means  harmony”, that would be no use to you as you would then have to fit it all together in order to find some guidance. My skill as an experienced reader is in interpreting the symbols with the aid of my psychic abilities to bring together a coherent message for you relating to your questions. Some people have asked why if the cards offer such accuracy would you use the stones......and to be  honest it is hard to explain as they are both tools and it is the readers (that’s me) ability that dictates the accuracy of the messages brought forwards, one big difference is that with the rune readings there is more need for interpretation, there are only 24 stones in the  Ancient Pagan Futhark as opposed to 78 cards in the tarot deck, but some would say that with there being less runes they can be seen as more concise.....it’s really a matter of choice.

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About pure psychic readings.

No cards, no stones just my link with sprit to guide me. As with all my readings the pure psychic reading is question based, something to which you seek guidance. Some people like to come along and play test the psychic wit ridiculous things like what’s my favourite colour!! Well, firstly if they don’t believe in psychics being able to do their job then why are they here and secondly, Im sure they already know their favourite colour. With this reading I rely heavily on my guides to bring to me the answers and this they do in many ways, it would be great if I could just say “who is her true love” and my guide could just say “hi there Eileen, its George from number 12” but unfortunately psychic links don’t work that way. When I carry out a psychic reading the answers to your questions can be in the form of pictures, symbols, feelings , emotions or even re-occurrence of one of my own experiences and for a psychic reading to accurately answer what it is you seek I, as a psychic, have to un-ravel it all and put it together in a way that will mean something to you.

So, there you briefly have it, the three methods of readings. Whilst they are different all the readings have two things in common, firstly I use my psychic ability in all my readings, it’s this true psychic ability that makes the difference to the readings having meaning or not, whatever method used the reading is only as good as the reader

Secondly, if someone comes to me for a psychic reading, whether its a tarot reading, a rune reading , or a pure psychic reading I consider it my job to give them a truthful reading, I don’t tell people what I think they want to hear, I tell them what I see....always the truth.