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Hi and welcome to my site Eileen’s tarot readings. It’s called Eileen’s tarot readings for two reasons, one the obvious, my names Eileen and I read tarot, and two because Eileen’s Tarot readings, psychic readings and psychic Runes readings would be rather a long title although a more accurate one as that is what I offer, tarot readings using traditional tarot cards, psychic rune readings using my traditional ancient rune stones and psychic readings whereby I carry out readings using my natural psychic abilities.

I say natural psychic abilities because I was born psychic but I did have to practice a lot to enable me to produce accurate psychic readings......making sense of the information that is given to me took time, learning what are sometimes basic symbols or words mean in a reading and being able to put it together to paint a picture is unfortunately not part of the natural borne talents. For me being a psychic means I am sensitive to information spirit and my guides. This information I usually have to ask for and that’s what psychic readings, tarot readings and rune readings are about, me asking spirit for information on your behalf, of course I have to interpret what they give me and relay that to you.

I have explained that I am a psychic but perhaps I should also explain what I am not. To start with I am not a medium, this is completely different from being a psychic. People sometimes mistake one for the other or think that psychics are mediums and vice versa but we are not so unfortunately I cannot contact your late uncle Albert and ask him where he hid the silver, I would love to be able to and do admire genuine mediums but that unfortunately is not me.

I am also not a councillor or therapist, I am sympathetic to people’s needs and help in any way I can but for some the help they need is of a more direct nature, the kind that requires them to sit and talk with a person trained to listen to them and advise the best course of action based upon their findings...therapists and councillors.

Thirdly (few!! Don’t I ramble on, still best to advise at this stage)  I’m not a financial advisor, I’m sorry to say that at some point in people’s lives, the advice that I can give in a psychic reading is not specific enough if they are in dire financial difficulties, I would always advise seeking professional help and advise

And lastly (yes the final one) I am not a doctor, I’m not a medically trained person at all so I can’t give advice about matters of health, that includes pregnancy, these really are areas that are best left to the professionals. Psychic readings, tarot readings and rune readings have their place but  place is not to replace professional help when its needed.............oh and one final final thing, I don’t have this week’s lotto numbers, at least not that I know of :)